Watch This Cow, Pig, and Dog Have the Best Snow Day Ever

There’s nothing like a snow day — especially when you’re hanging out with your animal pals.

In an adorable video recently posted to YouTube, a pig named Root, Great Pyrenees puppy named Gabe, and cow named Wilma were captured doing what they do best: playing. Everyone knows how much dogs love goofing off, but as for the other two? Not many people realize just how silly cows and pigs can be when they’re treated like pets instead of food. Just look at those impressive hops. Honestly, all three of them look like cute little bunnies. Let’s be honest.

Just like the pup, all Root and Wilma want is to have a fun day rolling around in Montana snow. Now please excuse us while we pray to the weather gods for a day spent in the white stuff ourselves.


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