Shay Mitchell’s Go-To Soup Just So Happens to Be Vegan And it's about as healthy as it gets.

Anyone who follows Shay Michell on Instagram knows she has a pretty clean lifestyle. She works out on the daily and eats a healthy diet — and one of her staples just so happens to be vegan.

The actress recently shared a (non-sponsored!) snap of her dinner on Instagram Stories: A pre-made soup from Urban Remedy thats stock-full of body-boosting ingredients.

Inspired by the classic Vietnamese staple, their Veggie Pho Soup is made with a mineral-rich broth, zucchini noodles, veggies like shiitake mushrooms and radishes, and spices like jalapeño and ginger. Better yet? It’s also gluten-free, anti-inflammatory, helps with digestion and promoting a healthy immune system, and its low-glycemic.

Right now the company sells its products at Whole Foods locations in California, but they also offer deliver nationwide. But if you’d rather try making the healthy Pho yourself, just use a veggie broth base and add in the ingredients. It might not taste exactly like the real thing, but it’ll be close.

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