You Need This Avocado Bedding In Your Life Take your obsession to the next level.

If you look for every possible opportunity to fuel your avocado obsession — from pudding to avo-loaded nachos — then we found something perfect for you.

Urban Outfitters just released some avocado-print bedding, and it’s a health nut’s dream come true. While you’re having sweet, sweet dreams about your avocado toast breakfast, you’ll be resting your head on an avocado pillow and lying under an avocado duvet. AKA the definition of #goals.

Each item is made from 100% percale cotton — which is completely vegan — so you can relax without worry. Plus, it makes for a great addition to your Instagram feed: Who wouldn’t like this spread?

Grab them here: Pillows: $29; | Duvet: $89;

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