This Suede Dress Is 100% Vegan — and Comes in 3 Different Colors Even better? It's only $68.

Shopping as a vegan can be a little tricky at times: You never know how many animal products are used in clothing until you’re trying to avoid them. And that’s why when a true gem rolls around, you’ve gotta snag it.

Abercrombie is gearing up for fall, and one of their newest items — a vegan suede dress — just hit their website. Since real suede is leather with the flesh side rubbed to make a velvety nap, this sleeveless polyester and elastic version isn’t just cruelty-free; it’s also super cute.

The shift dress comes in three different options — petite, regular, and tall — to ensure you get a perfect fit. And while the real deal can be sold for hundreds of dollars, this version looks just as great and only has a $68 price tag. Grab it in black, brown, or olive (pictured) — or, you know, all three.

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