These Are the Vegan Pizza Rolls You’ve Been Waiting For Amy's Kitchen is coming through with new snacks in the frozen aisle.

vegan pizza rolls amy's

If you’ve been craving your beloved cheese-filled pizza rolls since you officially cut dairy out of your life, prepare for the best news ever: Amy’s Kitchen—the company that always seems to come through with everyone’s comfort food needs—is releasing a vegan version of its famous pizza snacks.

There’s no word on when they’ll be hitting the freezer aisle, but the bite-sized goodies—called Vegan Cheeze Pizza—are about as healthy as pizza snacks can get: According to the product description, they’re filled with house-made organic tomato sauce, vegan mozzarella cheese, and wrapped in a soft flour crust. (AKA melt-in-your-mouth perfection.)

Extra bonus: If you avoid soy, you can still chow down since they’re totally soy-free. The cheese is made with potato starch, coconut oil, ground sunflower kernels, and concentrate from carrots, pumpkin, and apples. Basically, this is the most exciting news of the year. At least in the vegan junk food department.

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