Avocados Are About to Get Crazy-Expensive Get 'em while you can.

Yeah, yeah — we’ve heard it before. But this time this whole #avocadogate thing might actually be happening.

Due to a shortfall of avocado production in California, the wholesale prices are shooting up — and that’s not good for anyone’s bank account. Because avocados have increased from around $40-$50/box to a whopping $80/box at wholesale, the price per avocado is going up as well.

While they used to be no more expensive than 98 cents each for wholesalers, they’re already up to $1.33 — and that’s before they raise the price to make a profit from consumers. AKA us: the guacamole-obsessed.

There’s no saying what prices are going to look like for us, but there’s talk that it could be up to $2 an avocado. When it comes down to it, only time will tell — and before they do skyrocket, we’re going to go make some avocado toast while we still have the chance.

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