Beyoncé Is Going Vegan Until Coachella Here's the star's veggie-packed plan.

beyonce goes vegan

Beyoncé cut animal products out of her diet for a while in 2013, and now the musician is announcing it’s “vegan time!” once again to help her prep for Coachella.

In a recent Instagram post, she said with only 44 days left until she takes the stage for her headlining gig, she’s going to make sure she’s her healthiest yet by adding more plants into her diet—and that evidently means eating some of the fanciest avocado toast you ever did see. Case in point:

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To make sure she stays on track with her meals, she’s using 22 Days Nutrition, the vegan meal delivery program she founded with her trainer Marco Borges in 2013 that works on the claim that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit—and once you hit 22, you’re well on your way to a new you.

If you don’t want to get food delivered to your door (which ranges from $9.50/meal to $12.50/meal), Bey is also promoting the meal planning function that lets you create a personalized menu of all sorts of healthy, easy-to-make options for $14/month depending on your time, cooking level, and other factors that help with making the lifestyle change.

With how great Bey’s bound to feel after using the program, who knows—she might just dedicate herself to veganism for good this time. And convince her millions of followers to stick with it right along with it. (Fingers crossed!)

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