According to Grubhub’s Latest Study, Veganism Is On the Rise

But you already knew that, right? Grubhub conducted a study looking at the most popular healthy eating plans in the United States in 2016. And, eating vegan rang in at #4, right below eating paleo, raw, and doing juice cleanses.

It’s becoming easier and easier to be a vegan — whether you’re ordering takeout or looking for cool new products to make yourself — and this study found that there was a 58% increase (!!!) in vegan orders in 2016 from the year prior. The study also looked at the most popular eating plans in major cities, and vegan was #1 in San Jose, CA, Las Vegas, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Chicago. In addition, they also looked at genders: vegan food was ordered 23% more by females than males. Interestingly enough, though, vegan food was the most popular category for males in Portland, OR.

Hopefully once companies see just how popular veganism is — and how many people are ordering vegan food on a daily basis — they’ll start jumping on the bandwagon, too. We have a feeling next year’s report is going to be even more exciting for the community.

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