It’s Now Possible to Take a VR Tour Through a Slaughterhouse

This year, everyone has been raving about virtual reality technology — probably just not the kind that could actually change the way the world thinks. Instead of putting on a headset to play a game, some individuals are left in tears after experiencing something else all too real: slaughterhouses.

International farm animal advocacy group Animal Equality recently teamed up with Condition One, a California-based tech company, to let viewers across the country experience iAnimal, a 360-degree immersive experience that shows what actually happens behind closed doors in factory farms and slaughterhouses. Watching documentaries and YouTube videos is one thing, but actually being there thanks to technology? Upsetting is an understatement.

Sadly, scenes like the ones Animal Equality is showing happen on a daily basis around the world. People just don’t know it because many states have laws that prevent people from videotaping what goes on at farms. Having eyes inside is incredibly damaging to the meat and dairy industry — once people see what animals actually go through, how could they ever eat them?

Even if iAnimal won’t be in your area anytime soon, you can take a 360-degree tour to see what pigs go through in a slaughterhouse right here. And if you’d rather just press play on the video, feel free to watch above. Just a warning: It’s graphic and incredibly hard to witness. But with that being said, it’s so important.

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