This ‘If Milk Companies Were Honest’ Commercial Will Make You Laugh (and Cringe) OK, but mostly cringe.

If you’re a vegan or are considering becoming one, you’ve probably done your research about the dairy industry and know just how awful it really is. The animals are treated horribly, the babies are ripped away from their mothers immediately after giving birth, and the products that come out of it? Well, they’re not giving anybody strong bones — that’s for sure.

While every commercial you see on TV is full of happy dancing cows and kids smiling while they’re downing ooey gooey cheese, this one’s quite the opposite: In the hilarious video by Cracked, a guy named Roger — aka the Milk Man — drops some major truth bombs in the most hilarious way possible. And when I say truth bombs, he goes there: there’s talk of the ‘Got Milk’ ads, the food pyramid, how the cows are treated — you name it.

Watch the commercial below and get a good laugh. But warning: There will also be many cringes involved. Particularly every time good ol’ Roger says “gloopy animal squirts,” “nipple drops,” and “block of solid pus.” OK, I’m done. Just press play. Then, grab some vegan ice cream — because you’ll definitely want the non-milk kind.

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