JoJo Decided to Go Vegan — Here’s Why

JoJo — who you might remember from her hits “Leave (Get Out)” and “Too Little Too Late” — made a big change in her diet: she decided to go vegan. And even though it started as a health decision, it ended up turning into something more.

In a recent interview with FAULT magazine, the musician opened up about veganism and what made her make the switch.

“I first was interested in a plant-based diet because of my voice. I struggled with my allergies for a long time, and I wanted to try something different to combat that,” she said. “I’m singing every night, and I wanted that to be easier for me.”

After chatting with a friend, her reason to go vegan became even more important, saying, “I cut out dairy first, and then I started talking to my vegan friend and I started to feel what they told me about how when you eat animal products, you’re ingesting fear, death, and disease. I didn’t feel good about doing that anymore. So, I just slowly made a transition.”

Now months later, she’s still going strong — and she’s not afraid to admit she messes up. The most important thing, though? She feels great about her choice and is inspiring others to make the switch, too.

“I’m by no means a perfect vegan, but I do eat plant-based. That’s how I try to eat,” she said. “After reading Russell Simmons’ “Happy Vegan” and watching documentaries, I feel like it’s the choice for me.”

Now, please excuse us while we play this on repeat:

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