What’s Up With Target Pulling Hampton Creek Products From Shelves? Here's what you should know.

I was making my bi-weekly Target run the other day (as we all do) and after perusing the natural skin care section and picking up an obligatory sheet mask, I made my way over to the condiment section, excited about the vegan chipotle mayo I was about to place in my basket. However, when I turned the corner, I was met with an empty shelf.

My favorite Hampton Creek Just Mayo was completely out of stock; only a few of the salad dressings were left. I took a closer look and realized that there had been a big sale on the products, so I figured that people had just taken full advantage of the price slash. Unbothered, I left the store with just my sheet mask and a kombucha.

Once I got home, I popped open my laptop and was surprised to see headlines proclaiming that Target was removing all Hampton Creek products from its stores immediately. Well, now I was bothered, so I did some research on why one of my go-to brands was being shunned by King Target and here’s what I found.

It has been reported that Target received reports of food safety concerns surrounding Hampton Creek products, including pathogens found in a manufacturing facility used by Hampton Creek and also allegations of products being tested positive for salmonella and listeria. However, Target has not confirmed these accusations and is not aware of anyone falling ill as a result of consuming Hampton Creek products. Other allegations include the mislabeling of products, such as their Just Sweet Mustard, claiming that Hampton Creek failed to list the entirety of the ingredients used, including honey, which is not vegan.

In response, Hampton Creek had this to say: “The allegations that our products are mislabeled and unsafe are false. We have robust food safety standards, and as such, we remain confident about the safety of all products we sell and distribute. We look forward to working with Target and the FDA to bring this to a quick resolution.”

Ultimately, Target was not ordered to do so by the FDA, but decided that the allegations were serious enough to pull all Hampton Creek products from their shelves. However, if you still need your Just condiment fix, Hampton Creek products are still available at retailers such as Publix and Walmart.

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