YouTuber Shane Dawson Went Vegan for a Day — and Here’s What Happened Fellow vegan Kalel gave him a helping hand.

If you’re a fan of Shane Dawson — well, same. The only problem about watching his videos? He’s not shy about his love of food (also same), and it’s far from being vegan. There are the Taco Bell runs, the loaded nachos, the days spent eating pizza in the pool — you name it. So when his latest video popped up and I saw it was called “Vegan for a Day,” I think I stopped dead in my tracks.

In the video, Shane talked about how he wanted to try being vegan for 24 hours — and he really went for it. From watching videos of animals in slaughterhouses to grabbing an Impossible Burger, he was getting a taste (literally!) of change. And for the icing on the cake, he met up with Kalel, the Queen of Vegan YouTube, to learn how to make the most epic mac and cheese pizza you’ve ever seen.

Watch the video above to see Shane’s first — and hopefully not last! — day as a vegan.

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