There’s Nothing This Cute Pig Loves More Than a Good Belly Rub

All pigs deserve an endless amount of belly rubs, and Ruby — who found a forever home at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary — is pretty much in hog heaven.

Rudy came to the High Falls, New York sanctuary after he was rescued from a petting zoo. According to Woodstock Farm, he was brought to the petting zoo when he was only a few weeks old, but after the petting zoo was about to close for the season, they planned on sending him away to be killed — something that’s unfortunately very common. Luckily, Woodstock Farm swooped in and saved him a couple months ago, giving Rudy the life he deserves: one with pets that never end no matter how big he gets or which season it is.

Click here to follow Rudy’s journey on Woodstock Farm Sanctuary’s Instagram page.

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