15 Gifts Under for the Vegetarians and Vegans in Your Life (Yourself Included)

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Still have some holiday shopping to do? We’ve got your back. No matter who you’re shopping for, one of these cruelty-free presents are bound to end up under your Christmas tree.

1. Carb Up Lapel Pin,

We could all use a reminder to go down more carbs. Especially if those carbs happen to be donuts.


2. I Love It When They Call Me Big Papaya Coffee Mug,

Sorry in advance for getting ‘Big Poppa’ stuck in your head. If this mug doesn’t make you laugh out loud, we don’t know what will.

3. Tails of Kindness Necklace,

A dainty necklace is the perfect piece of jewelry to keep close to the heart. (We’re all about that cute little cow!)

4. Herbivore Coco Rose Lip Collection,

Silky soft lips, coming right up. These coconut oil-based lip tints add an instant glow to any complexion.

5. Clueless Vegetarian Shirt,

Cher Horowitz always knows what to say. (Same, Cher. Same.)

6. Crochet Avocado Car Buddy,

This little guy hangs on rear view mirrors and basically makes it impossible not to smile at all times.

7. Not a Nugget Keychain,

Because the only nuggets we want to eat are made of soy. Sorry, Ronald McDonald.

8. Herbalism Face and Body Cleanser,

This cleanser is gentle enough to use all over your body. Thanks to rosemary, nettle, and chamomile, it’ll leave your skin softer than ever.

9. I Don’t Eat Pals Shirt,

Anyone who frequently shouts their love of animals from the rooftop probably already has this shirt on their wish list.

10. Engraved Bar Necklace,

Simple, yet effective. This pretty gold necklace is a not so in-your-face way to spread a powerful message.

11. Mad Hippie Antioxidant Facial Oil,

Anyone will love getting moisturized with this skin-perfecting, preservative-free oil.

12. Eat Plants Do Yoga Spoon,

It’s easy to eat in style with this vintage spoon. (Plus, it’s also a great reminder to get your namaste on.)

13. Little Box of Rocks in Wildflower,

This bouquet of crystals offers courage, protection, and wisdom to anyone about to embark on a new journey. Plus, they’re beautiful.

14. I Think, Therefore I Yam Tee,

Any pun lover will adore this very deep and intellectual shirt, whether they like yams or not.

15. So Rich – Peach Vanilla Nail Treatment,

This vitamin E oil treatment will turn dry, flaky nails and cuticles into an enviable mani in minutes.

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